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Great App but Apple messes it all!

Like millions of people worldwide, I use Microsoft on my desktop PC and notebooks, especially the Office pack (now 2016). I am a teacher, and PowerPoint is one of my most used tools. I have hundreds of PowerPoint presentations and have been using them with the iPad because of the VGA adapter. After update 9 much of the nuisance I had been experiencing disappeared. Now its good ol PowerPoint the way I use in a PC.

Realmente muito bom! Really good

Realmente muito bom! Really good




I used to have the app, then I deleted it. Now, when I tried to download it again, it wont let me. It shows the circle thing for a second, and then it goes back to the cloud + arrow. Its not because I dont have enough space on my phone, I definitely have enough. Not sure whats wrong, but its making me mad.


You cant even email it. Im gonna fail my exam because it wont email or go onto the computer. Worst app ever!

Please add multi-select feature

Please add the feature to be able to multi select slides, and move/edit them around. It would also be very helpful if we could multi-select from one powerpoint file, and paste them into a different powerpoint file.

Worst app ever!

This app sucks.


Very helpful app. Love it..

Really great but…

Really great all and amazingly helpful but it deleted one of my very important presentations so there should be a history and a recent that would be great keep up the great work!

I hope I can search the content

In the excel app I can search but in the PowerPoint I didnt find it anywhere I can search the content because sometimes I need to go to a particular page and I dont know which page it is

PowerPoint files keeps clocking

Whenever I try to open a PowerPoint file on the mobile app. It never opens it and just keeps clocking forever. And I have waited 10+ min for some files to try to open. Before it use to open right away.

Still missing equation editor

For scientific presentations, I still really really need an equation editor. Other than that, I really like this app. It is very powerful, very close to the "real deal".

Working Well for me

So far, so good. It is life changing to create presentations on an iPhone! I was used to the older version last spring, but this one is good. (One little thing today- I was trying to highlight a line of text but cannot find the effect.). Overall, I wish had this app 15 years ago!

Save data Problems

I keep running into these problems where it says his file is being edited by another user, even though Im only using this account so I cant save the file, and then when I try to finish my project at school with the pc I do alot of work to it, and I sign in with the same account but since its a different device they made me lose all that work before the do date. And if you go to safari however, all the data is there!So this app is just terrible


it was horrible. i was trying to use it for my science project and it was super laggy, and it kept deleting my photos and not saving any of my stuff. i deleted and re downloaded the app and now it wont let me in my slide..HORRIBLE!!! worst experience ever. if it gets fixed then the app will be better

Needs improvements

When I use it in multitask mode and Im using it on only half of my iPad screen, sometimes I can no longer swipe through the slides at the bottom where all of the slide are displayed. It just gets stuck which is really annoying....

Pretty good

Its a pretty good app one of the best Ive used so far

Cant Update

Version 2.7.1 shows as available 409mb download to update on my multiple devices, but when I attempt to do so it starts the download and the stops with the message "Unable to download App. Microsoft Powerpoint could not be downloaded at this time." So on one of my iPads I tried deleting the app, and now cant install any working copy at all. Thanks MS. Usual good work.

An essential

Love it! Its extremely useful for taking notes during class, I just wish the "notes" panel wouldnt fill up the screen in landscape mode... A resizeable/draggable panel would be amazing!

I love it!

This app is invaluable for teaching computer classes. My students love it too!

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