Microsoft PowerPoint App Reviews

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This app is so handy for doing work


It is an excellent app where you can edit your presentations for school.


Easy to use and has a wide variety of uses for all kinds of presentations! I have been using it for years and its always fantastic

Bugs everywhere keeps crashing


Great suite of products

Super easy to use and very efficient/convenient

Great app no crashes

I love this app it is really helpful to my and I do a lot of school projects on PowerPoint. Big shoutout to Microsoft for making this app on IOS platform.

Viewer only

Doesnt support anything other than dumb slides. No VBA, animations or other interactive features. Disappointing in how basic it is.

Just perfect

Love a lot of apps, but never wanted to write a review. Although PowerPoint is free or at least maybe for now, but I love it. It has a very steep leaning curve and got the hang of it in less than 2 minutes. Downloaded google slides and deleted it after 30 seconds of use. The only reason I gave it four stars is due to the lack of exporting or saving to other formats. Given that its free with millions of features, I would give it 100 stars out 5.

Great Presentation App

It is such an amazing app to use for presentations and I love all of the features!

Easy to Use but Could be Better

I use my iPad for school. You cant download slides straight from the learning management systems. It would be better if you could download slides directly instead of having to save them first on a laptop to PowerPoint.

Love this app with this i can make my ppts any where without laptop.

No need of pcs

Very useful

Im a teacher and I make a lot of worksheets by using Powerpoint presentations and converting them to PDF files. Using the app, I can do it anywhere and even send it directly to the printing machine here in Japan. Life saver.

Good Performance with Apple Pencil

Integration of the Apple pencil and its usability is very good. I am enjoying drawing with Apple Pencil in Powerpoint. The interface is also simple and easy to use.

Dont Download

This program is doesnt download.

Magic app!

It integrates perfectly with with the main program. Very useful for great presentations on the fly!

An absolutely OUTSTANDING app!

You practically have 100% of the desktop features on the iPad. Incredible.

Power point

Wonderful...a pleasure to use...and so easy too...looks very professional!

Need iPad-Watch and iPhone-PC remote integration!

Excellent app, always closer to its desktop big brother. But we miss the possibility (as in Keynote) to remotely control a powerpoint presentation (on iPad or PC - not only on iPhone!) from Apple Watch. And the possibility to use an iPhone to control (and read notes) a pptx running on PC or iPad - without using third-party bulky and unreliable apps.

Bug report

In addition to the notes bug we can add this one. Open up a deck, press the play button and it roates to landscape mode. Once its playing, simply rotate the phone to vertical and the slide deck crashes (but the app remains open).

Great App for my iPad

I do most of my presentations to Clients in the power point app for iPad. Great app.

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