Microsoft PowerPoint App Reviews

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Very good

It is the best Microsoft app for iPad and it has most of the options in the desktop version! Really useful for presentations

This is very good!

Мне реально очень понравилось приложение! Оно компактное и очень удобное. Жаль правда, что некоторые функции не доступны и надо оформлять подписку... Но это, по моему мнению, не такой уж и большой недостаток. Так же хотела бы добавить одну вещь. Всего-то побольше оформления презентации (тема). А так очень хорошо, продолжайте в том же духе! ... I really liked the app ! It is compact and very convenient . It is a pity though that some functions are not available and it is necessary to subscribe ... But it is , in my opinion , is not so big drawback . Just wanted to add one thing . Just something a little more design presentation (theme ) . And very well , keep up the good work!


This mobile PowerPoint is very helpful being a mother of two I am not always able to sit down with my laptop having this able to use to study for my nursing classes is great and very helpful.

Almost perfect

This app is beautiful and streamlined but there are a few things I really really hope to see in upcoming updates. - The ability to save inking marks done while in slideshow mode - While in edit mode, the ability to resize the notes section so that I can see presenter notes as well as the actual slide at the same time. Sometimes, in the middle of class, I accidentally exit out of a presentation and I have to go back in and redownload it which (since I live on an island) can take a while. UPDATE: The newest update is great! Now I can ink on the presentation which helps a ton. I would love to have the option to go a specific slide instead of having to scroll through hundreds. UPDATE: Ive been using this for 4 months now and its very good. It would be nice to see an option to be able to view the PowerPoint in different modes so that I can see the Presenter notes as well as the actual slide at the same time!


I use it for school work and its soo handy. Just the fact that I can alter and make changes from anywhere is awesome.

The app is awesome

The app is very awesome will recommend to all my friends

Constantly having to log in

App itself is not bad although it lacks a lot of features that the desktop app has. The big problem is that practically every time I use the app I have to enter my office365 password. Sometimes it just asks me to tap a button to login but other times I have to lookup my password to enter it. Sometimes it just logs me out and doesnt even bother to ask me to login. I just tried to give a presentation from my iPad and I couldnt. I had to go back to the main menu, logout completely, and then login again in order to get the presenter view working again. Annoying...

Export of slides to camera roll or one drive

I need the ability to export slides to camera roll for use in other projects. I can get them to one drive from there, but export to other apps would be great too. I love the new Microsoft.

College Made Easy

Honestly love this app. I can make the powerpoints on my laptop and study anywhere with the app in my phone. I can also edit the powerpoints if I want to. Its made life easier.


Very helpful app.

Pretty good

I use PowerPoint for school projects and its really great! I can do my project fast and easy. I would recommend.


Man love it and its easy to use and handy makes my life easier too bra aide I have two PowerPoint homework projects to do and I can do them both at the same time now well I mean switching back and forth lol

Great Tool

No comment! Excellent tool for slideshows!

Good app

I have been pleased with this app. Being able to view, edit, and save both locally and in the cloud is great. Happy with Microsofts office apps. Use PowerPoint primarily on iPad and have no complaints.

Great for presentations straight from my iPad

I use this app every week to present the accompanying PowerPoint as I lead the worship service in our little church. It has performed flawlessly for well over a year now. I started with a wired connection to the projector, but now I do it wirelessly using AirPort Express and Apple TV. This works well for me, and has never crashed once.

Presenter mode please!

I want to host home Bible studies or ministry proposals, but I want to have the notes on my phone while the presentation is on the Apple TV. That cannot be accomplished on mirroring mode. Please update!

Only one problem

I love the ease and flexibility of being able to use this on my iPad, however, I need to do the presentation on my iPad and was frustrated to find the app wont support the audio along with the video.


It will not download! And my phone downloads apps really well! And, when it finally downloaded, I cant put pictures on the slides! It wont let me!!!! Do NOT get this app!!!!!!!!

Love Me Some PPT

Always have always will

Wont instal

Help. Had this app then stopped working. Had to uninstall but now it wont instal on iPad.

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