Microsoft PowerPoint App Reviews

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Good with some things bad with others

You can improve the iPad app by putting folders when I save a file on the iPad not on the cloud,secondly you should put a select option to delete many files at once.

Very great

Great presentation and looks very professional.

No. Im disappointed

I love making power points for school projects or just for fun but this frustrates me. I tried making an account with my phone number, I entered the code but there was some kind of connection problem, so I canceled. I tried again a bit later, and my phone number was "already in use". Wth?

Really like it

I use this app to take notes while the professor goes through his lecture. I just follow along and take notes on my iPad. If I could make this app better I would suggest that they allow integration with Bluetooth styluses like Pencil53 so that I can rest my palm on the screen and get palm rejection. Other than that really good.

Amazing app!

This app is amazing for making presentations on the go! The only thing that is not good is the limited options on the iPad. The computer has much more options.


It deserves evey penny paid for it! (Paid features)

Great For School!

All my teachers use power point for their lectures. Great tool on my iPad to study all the slides at any time and keep up with school work.

View not edit

I wanted to use this to take notes during class, instead I end up losing things all the time when trying to save. Horrible for those trying to be productive and not waste paper. Please update and fix.

Best app

Nice app to have !


Very efficiently useful.

Good for viewing, Unusable for editing

This app is good for viewing and presenting but some tiny quirks make it unusable for editing. I have no idea why the pencil defaults to drawing and why does it insist on drawing when not in drawing mode. Countless times within the last 3 hours have I tried to select something or resize something only to have ink all over my presentation. Also why can I not select objects with the lasso tool?

A great app to have!

The Microsoft Office suite of apps on iPad are absolutely essential. Their performance is great and the seamless compatibility with desktop versions is astounding. To the Microsoft team: keep up the stellar job!

I like it

I like PowerPoint Its help me in deferent way in my study and my projects. THANKS

Loved it

The transitions are amazing and the whole thing is super cool and easy I recommend it to all my friends when they are doing a project

This app was once good...

But now its full of random freezing and crashing, which makes it UNBEARABLE to edit. PLEASE fix this.

Great and easy to use

Works great

Simple and convenient

So nice to have this available on the go!

Perfectly Fine!

Works smoothly and so convenient! Thank you MS!

Works very nice

Good app for the work, kindly add Urdu fonts as well

Awsome app

I love this app so much it make my work a lot of easier. I will definely recomend it

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