Microsoft PowerPoint App Reviews

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Lacks multiple selection functionality

This important feature is missing, and without this functionality the app is subpar.

Awesome App!

Im super excited! This app is what I was looking for. I had Shark & this is way better.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I downloaded this app because my professor made review PowerPoints for us to study with and I was getting sick of trying to open them in different apps than the one he used to make them. If your familiar with Microsoft office stuff then it really simple to use. Its also really easy to learn how to make your own powerpoint!

Best game ever made!!!

I love this game so much and if you want to you can send PowerPoints to the computer and print it!

So far so good

So far Ive used this app for a lot of school/work related pptx.


Downloaded PowerPoint on my iPad so I could edit some documents. System required me to log into my business Microsoft 365 account which I did. Now it is telling me that I am not authorized to edit documents on my iPad (but I can on my MacBook) and that I need to talk to my system administrator. Leave it to Microsoft to create a frustrating experience for their client. Our business is already paying Microsoft for access to their programs and online Office 265. Now I guess they want more money from us. Frustrating

Subscription required for iPad Pro users

Ive used office for iPad on and off since it was introduced. After purchasing an iPad Pro to replace my first generation iPad mini, Im disappointed to find that I can no longer use office for iPad without a subscription. Theres no huge advantage to using office for iPad on an iPad Pro. You just get a larger display (the fonts larger, icons are larger, etc., youre not getting more screen real estate). iPad Pro scales the display automatically, and developers are not required to add support for Apple Pencil.. So why then would a developer put controls in place to limit functionality based on which iPad device you use? It doesnt seem logical for a company switching to a services oriented organization to remove functionality. Wheres the "service" in that? In the end, its no huge loss to me personally, Ill just not use the app and remove it. Its just a big disappointment.

Love it but if it improve something more

If this app will improve something more, than this will be great forever

Like it!!

Very easy to use!

Good App, But Needs More Save Options

This app is great and very user friendly for mobile devices. The one feature that I dont like is that you cant save to iCloud Drive from mobile devices, which NEEDS to be fixed. When that is updated, this app will be a 5 Star!

"Microsoft PowerPoint"

The "Microsoft PowerPoint" "iOS" app for, "iPad" works great! (DATE: Thursday, April 7, 2016.)

Amazing but

Please work on the remote control from & to other devices While playing the slideshows


508MB for this?????? My phone is not the best for this app you know and I have to sign in to do stuff and it will not let me atleast have a free trial for a little while or LITE access to it!!! I have to now find an account to make presentations!!!!!

Easy on both iPad and iPhone

I can create, edit or present on all my devices. Allows me to finish with a presentation sooner. Love it!

Fail w/ Apple Pencil

UPDATE I figured out probably why the reason Office apps show this bizarre behavior. If you use a "smart whiteboard" to show say a PowerPoint presentation, any time you go to use one of the boards pens, all you can do is draw of the presentation - you cant do any editing etc. So it looks like MicroSloth just turned on this editing feature when using the Apple Pencil. Which is decidedly NOT what I wanted to use it for. ---- Defaults to "draw on slide" mode with Apple Pencil. Nothing else. Cant use Apple Pencil as a pointer or fine selection tool or to move or resize items. Jesus Bring back Gates Or even Ballmer Glad its 1 month free to try this crap.

Good app

This app helped me a lot with ppt presentations!

Too big

Pushing toward 500MB? Must weigh utility vs. piggery.

Great for viewing, but impractical for editing

Unlike any other iPad app, PowerPoint will faithfully reproduce all .ppt and .pptx files I have tried. However, other than minor text changes, it is so underwhelming for editing to be unusable. There is inking and lasso select, which are nice, but lasso select will not include shapes in its selection, only inked objects. This makes it unusable for diagrams with more than about 6 shapes.

Great app to use, but crashes WAY too often

I have a hard time even starting a new PowerPoint without the app crashing on me. Please update, because this is irritating to deal with.

Log in issues constantly

It is constantly asking for credentials for something it should know I have a subscription. It gave me a long user name which it doesn’t remember. I’ve got work to do but whenever I need to use one of the Apps it makes me activate it. Frustrating!!!!!!! Going to cancel my subscription if I can. I understand Microsoft’s concerns over piracy and misuse but you are penalizing everyone. Also on my iPad I’m not always online or have a weak connection to activate. The software is not worth the problems you have to overcome. I’ve got WORK TO DO.

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